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About Me

My name is John Ebert. I live in Brooklyn Park, MN. When I'm not playing the trumpet, making cool wood carvings, or building massive, insane works of art, I'm a Data Services Engineer at Infinite Campus.


That's me with my girlfriend, Vivian Rider. She's a pediatrician, makes mosaics and quilts, and is the author of several children's books. (check out


If you think that Determination is the coolest thing you've ever seen, and you won't survive another minute without telling me, please send me a note using the form below. Thank you for your interest.

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Thanks To...

  • Hedberg Maps - Minneapolis, MN -

  • Custom Glass & Screen - New Hope, MN

  • The Laser Shop - Crystal, MN

  • McMaster-Carr - - excellent company, got the acrylic from them online

  • Woodpeckers - - they had the large cross-dowel nuts - tough specialty item

  • Woodworker's Supply - - got the plug cutter from them - very high-tech design

  • Wix - - website tools and hosting

And special thanks to my good friend, Kelly Weyrauch. Although I did absolutely all of the construction of Determination by myself (cough cough), Kelly was a big help with the design. I asked him about materials, weights, stresses, joints, etc., and he had all the answers. But he also made a couple of key suggestions for the appearance:


  • Two panes of glass instead of one, so that it can be viewed from both sides.

  • Acrylic disks, the same size as pennies, to hold the pennies in place within the frame. (I was going to use wood or acrylic, cut out like a children's puzzle.)


Check out Kelly at

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